Will you live to 100?

>> Monday, July 5, 2010


A genetic test which tells whether you will make it to your century has been developed by scientists.
The computer program will give individuals their odds of reaching the age of 100 - and tell them whether their chances are higher or lower than average.
Its inventors, from the respected Boston University in the U.S., say it will allow those not blessed with the cocktail of 'centenarian genes' to make changes to their lifestyle to maximise the time they have.

The researchers studied the DNA of 1,600 centenarians, including some as old as 119, and compared it with the DNA of others. 
This highlighted 150 genetic changes which were more common in those who lived to a ripe old age. They could be broken down into 19 groups, or genetic 'signatures', the journal Science reports.
Researcher Dr Paola Sebastiani said: 'Some signatures correlate with the longest survival, other signatures correlate with the most delayed onset of age-related diseases such as dementia or cardiovascular disease.'
And the researchers' method is only 77 per cent accurate - meaning almost a quarter of those tested could be told they didn't have what it takes to live to 100, when in fact they did. 
One in 15 has the right combination of genes to live to 100, but just one in 600 actually makes it, meaning factors such as healthcare, diet and exercise are hugely important.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1291242/That-genetic-test-predicts-live-100-Scientists-pinpoint-19-markers-long-life.html#ixzz0sqXzQSJB

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