Summertime and Skin Cancer Worries

>> Saturday, July 10, 2010


Over 800 thousand Americans will be diagnosed with a common form of skin cancer this year.  From previous videos, it seems that having a large antioxidant intake helps to stave off the incidence.  However, for those diagnosed, there is information on a type of treatment available.

"In his presentation, Dr. Cham explained the exact mechanism of action of BEC-5. It's so simple even the present "medical mainstream" and the Skin Cancer Foundation should be able to understand it, the very first time! But according to the Skin Cancer Foundation website: "There is no one best method to treat all skin cancers and precancers." This website doesn't even mention Dr. Cham or any of the versions of BEC-5 at all!"

And where is the Mechanism from?  EGGPLANT

Eating eggplant can't hurt us because the alkaloids it contains cannot penetrate healthy, non-cancerous cells. But skin cancer cells are subtly different than normal healthy cells. Unlike normal, healthy skin cells, BCC, SCC, and AK cancer cells all have a small change in their membranes that binds to the plant sugar rhamnose.
The rhamnose part of the solasodine glycoalkaloid binds itself there, and is then taken up into the skin cancer or AK cell, where it ruptures the membranes of internal cell structures called "lysosomes."

Lysosomes are "bags" of powerful enzymes that, when ruptured, can eat up any cell from within. Once released by the rupture of their surrounding membranes by the solasodine alkaloids, the lysosomal enzymes literally destroy the cell. Normal, healthy skin cells are untouched, as they cannot "take up" these glycoalkaloids.

Dr. Cham showed the ICIM group "before, during, and after" slides of treatment of multiple instances of BCC and SCC. The cancers were often large ones, from 2 to 6 inches or more in diameter. Yet all of them were gradually healed and replaced by normal tissue—in every case! And there was none of the disfigurement often caused by surgery.

Dr. Cham noted that approximately 70,000 Australians have cured their skin cancers with versions of BEC-5, with virtually no side effects. At the end of his presentation, Dr. Cham received a standing ovation from all of the doctors, nurses, and others present. There are products available.


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