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>> Thursday, July 22, 2010


On Wednesday's show, Dr. Jerry Tennant talked about how he developed a method of using voltage to diagnose and treat a variety of health problems. A successful eye surgeon, he came down with encephalitis, and it was during this period that he correlated lowered voltage in specific body areas with illness. Pain is actually a symptom of abnormal voltage, and "all you have to do to get rid of it is insert enough electrons to get the voltage back up into the operating range," he said. Dr. Tennant has developed a device called the Biomodulater which can transfer the electrons to cell membranes.

Many ailments referred to as auto-immune are not caused by the body attacking itself, but from bacteria releasingdigestive enzymes that get into the bloodstream and attack low voltage areas, he explained. Dr. Mark Starr, who has studied with Dr. Tennant, joined the discussion to talk about how he was successfully treated with the Biomodulater, and how hyothyroidism ( previous show recap) is often associated with low voltage. A lot of the hypothyroidism is due to fluoride exposure, Tennant added.

He also pointed toward root canals as a source of health problems-- one infected root canal can shut down 63% of the immune system, he cited. Another cause of having low voltage is not having enough stomach acid (sometimes brought about by a deficiency of iodine and zinc), he detailed.

Show Notes
PH of 7.35 = -20~ mV, standard voltage
To Create new cells the body must go to -50mV
at -10mV you start to get chronic disease.
at +30mV, cancer cells grow
Children and Athletes run at about -35mV

Pain indicates a lack of voltage
"Throb pain = dilation of vessels to get new blood in for repairs"

Bones regenerate in about 1 year
Skin in about 6 weeks
Kidneys in about 3 months

The body has Fibris Tissue (wires) running from the front down and over the back toward the head, right over the muscles

What happens when voltage drops in the Body?  Three things 
1) Oxygen Levels Drop
2) ATP production at the cellular level drops.  Thats what creates energy in the body.  Lack of oxygen does this
3) bacteria and viruses in the body can circulate and host more easily, leaving behind waste that can consume your body.
4) Fungus can grow throughout the body

The reason baking soda is great for the body is it gives up electrons to make your body Ph balanced and remove the positive charges (Keith Brewer)

Two types of low voltage chronic disease
1) Good overal voltage in the body, bad circuits or parts in your body
2) Low voltage all around 

The Thyroid works with the Adrenalin gland to keep the voltage going in the body.  Thyroid creates 90 percent of that energy.  Usually, the thyroid will shut down first.   Through the pituitary gland a conversion of T4 in to T3 is made.  You need these 5 things in the body for this to happen properly

*Iodine, Selenium, Iron, Zinc, Cortisol, Progesterone (gludathione)((RT3) = Gluthanion- 3 amino acids.  You need this to loose weight.

So what else contributes to weak voltage?

Dental Work -  Root Canals usually leave dead tissue which causes infections almost always.  One tooth infected can cause up to a 63% loss in immune ability for the body.
Titanium implants still seem to infect.  Zirconium may be less infectious.

Stomach Acid - Improper Digestion.  Stomach not absorbing proteins that are foreign.  Body prefers to manufacture its own protein, thus consuming amino acids is a better choice.  Low Stomach acid usually is caused by low ZINC, IODINE, and not enough water.

When food enters the stomach its at a PH of 2, acidic.  The Pancreas will then raise it to ph 8.  HCL and Bicarbonate.  Not enough acid can throw the whole system off.

Two products to test and alleviate symptoms of bad voltage:
Bio Modulator - You can test and fix bad frequency in the body
Bio Transducer - Detects where there is no magnetic flux, and thus leakage.  This would be a form of acupuncture  

Scar in body = Leak Voltage

Hypo-Thyroid - Fluoride makes this worse.  Thyroid raises may relate to bipolar disorders

If your thyroid checks out ok by temperature test first thing in AM with thermometer under armpit greater then 97.8 and your adrenals are not well, it could be emotional trauma.

During pregnancy, a mother may have emotional states that secret hormones to baby, and this can have an effect on state of child growing up

Dr. Russo - changes in voltage

Adrenals bottom out at around 2 am for normal sleep pattern.

Essential oils, plants have the same frequency as the human body, but they can only provide relief and nothing more

Avoid addictive additives like MSG and Aspartame, they are used to make you consume more, other things to avoid are High Fructose Corn Syrup and Textured vegtable protein.

Typically joint pain is caused by toxins in the body.

If you have a craving for sweets, its because your body is demanding minerals.

Magnetic Pyramids, ATOMS in the universe

Soy has Maganese, and it may contribute to autism.  Aluminum and other substances from birth control pills

Vegans do not test normal for certain acids,  Seaweed may contain high amounts of mercury.

HERE are the websites:

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