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>> Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Here are some detailed show notes from the broadcast on May 3, 2010 with George Noory.

When the body is stressed, the following things happen:
1) White Blood Cells are not created, for up to 24 hours.
2) Constricts Body Veins
3) Cortisol Levels Jump (depression, weight gain could be some results of this hormone - Fight or Flight)

The Hormone Oxytocin can calm women that are under much stress.

Food such as white potatoes, enriched bread, rice, rice cakes can have a glycemic effect higher then normal, spiking the short term sugar level of blood, which then turns ACIDIC.  This acid is not absorbable by the body.  Best are whole grains and soluble fibers.  Here is a chart of common foods, high numbers being worse for sugar levels

High blood sugar levels create a loss of vital brain minerals.  MSG can have this same effect so mono sodium glutamate is not good to eat.

So stress and certain types of sugar intake are harmful for the body.

Konjac root is very high in Fiber as is PGX.  Konjac is made in noodle form for easier consumption.  Again good quality is best for consumption.

Regeneration remedies were spoken of next:  Whey Protein raw pure buttermilk (non pasteurized), mixed with Medium Chain Triglycerides Coconut Oil (pure) seems to drop cortisol levels in the body.  It is also suggested to take a tablespoon of pure brown molasses (contains alot of minerals)

A secret mineral was also mentioned, Lithium orotate (Hans Neper) in a dosage of just 4.5mg seems to be effective in ADD/bipolar mental issues according to the author.  Gabba, Dopamine, and Melatonine also play a factor.

Acai is not considered a superfood, but a diarectic (helps metabolism)
Himalyan Gogi Berry (Thai Go is our favorite at Rio from NSP)
Rhodiola Rosea (Artic Root) mental clarity and stress reduction
Maca Root (Enzyme properties found in this root match those in humans)

Adrenal exhaustion is plaguing most people in modern society.

Testosterone does not make a male MEANER, elevated levels create faster reaction times.  Its actually estrogen that can create the mood swing issues.  The estrogen of eating mean seems to have some issues in contributing to prostate cancer in men.  Saliva tests are more accurate then serum (blood) tests.

Homeopathic HCG (Special Diet, protein only) was mentioned but seems to have different reports if its not REAL HCG.

Good sources of protein included Flax, Casine (rice) Rhodiola etc.  Do not use soy

Raw food diets seem to take more energy to process, but do contain enzymes to help the digestion process.  Tongkat Ali (thailand) seems to increase the free testosterone in the body (400mg or better some say)

Omega-3 of course.  Hemp, Chia Seed, Fish oils,
Omega-9 Olive Oil, anti inflamatory.

VectoMega, 50x more effecient.  (Alot of good feedback from this product apparently)

Aloe Vera Juice (with some lemon)
Liver Bile (detoxifies) - Lemon

There is a new diabetes 3 (brain cannot consume sugar) affecting elders.
Drinking beer makes Melatonine, opposite of dopamine.

Its important to walk alot and hydrate during walking.

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